Osmosis +Sculpt

Violet Room Spa Osmosis Sculpt - Fort Smith, AR

River Valley Exclusive! Only at the Violet Room Spa!

Osmosis +Sculpt: 

NANO-CURRENT TECHNOLOGY has arrived for body sculpting! Body contouring with Osmosis +SCULPT is the most advanced and effective holistic fat loss device in the world! Freezing and/or melting fat harms the body and often leaves patchy results.

OSMOSIS +SCULPT works by using patented nano-current constant waveform. The advantage is that we created targeted fat loss by safely accelerating the detox and lipolysis needed to create long term slimming.

Areas worked: Belly, upper back, lower back, thighs, butt, arms. Each session will take about 30 minutes. Multiple areas for treatment, will require more time for prep.


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Disclaimer: Consult your physician before using Osmosis +Sculpt if you have any medical concerns. Contraindications include but not limited to:

• Pacemaker
• Epilepsy
• History of Seizures
• Metal Plates
• Pins in the Area of Treatment
• Recent Surgery
• Blood Clots or History of Blood Clots

• PAD or Any Symptoms of Poor Circulation
• Phlebitis/Thrombosis
• Spine Problems
• Pregnancy
• Recent Childbirth
• Any other medical problem that should require a physicians approval letter